PPVI Holds Clean-Up Drive in Naga, Cebu

Paramount Property Ventures Inc. (PPVI) recently partnered with the Naga local
government, headed by Ulinga Naga Barangay Captain Carmen Dakay, for a successful
clean-up drive in the area. The event was participated in by more than 20 employees from
the company who collected a total of 200 kilos of dry and wet garbage.

The clean-up drive aimed to promote environmental awareness and encourage local
communities to be more conscious of their waste disposal habits.”We, at PPVI, recognize
our role in protecting the environment and ensuring a cleaner and safer community for
everyone. This event is just one of the many efforts our company is taking to contribute to
a sustainable future,” said PPVI Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Arli Cañedo.

The event was held on a sunny morning, and the PPVI team was enthusiastic about the
activity. Armed with gloves, garbage bags, and a can-do attitude, the team collected trash
along the roads, canals, and other areas of Barangay Ulinga. It was also an opportunity for
the team to bond, have fun, and get to know each other better outside of work.

The clean-up drive was a success, with more than 200 kilos of garbage collected, sorted,
and disposed of properly. The PPVI team was able to contribute to the local community’s
effort in maintaining a clean and healthy environment. PPVI believes that everyone has a
role to play in protecting the environment, and it is committed to being a responsible
corporate citizen.

PPVI’s participation in the clean-up drive is just the beginning of its efforts to promote
environmental sustainability. The company will continue to implement initiatives that
promote a greener and cleaner environment, including its ongoing commitment to
sustainable building practices and environmental stewardship.

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